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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hypothesis Criteria and Guidelines

 Hypothesis Criteria
-Is written in a declarative sentences.
-Is written in the present tense. There is a positive relationship between the number of times children have been hospitalized and their fear of hospitalization.
-Contains the population.
-Contains the variables.
-Is empirically testable

Guidelines for critiquing hypothesis and research Questions

-Does the study contain a hypothesis or hypotheses?
-Is each hypothesis clearly worded and concise?
-Is the hypothesis written in a declarative sentences?
-Is each hypothesis directly tied to the study problem?
-Does each hypothesis contain the population and at least two variables?
-Is it apparent that each hypothesis contain only one prediction?
-if the study contains research questions, are the questions precise and specific?
-Do the research questions further delineate the problem area of the study?

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