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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Multi-Site Study: An Innovative Research Methodology


The Multi-Site Study: An Innovative Research Methodology 
Josée Audet and Gérald d'Amboise

The Qualitative Report, Volume 6, Number 2 June, 2001


The Multi-Site Study is a qualitative research approach that we designed to gain an in-depth knowledge of an organizational phenomenon that had barely been researched: strategic scanning. It combines several approaches to case study research, borrowing from the positivist tradition, the interpretative approach and the qualitative research corpus. It involves the observation and analysis of several sites using namely cross-case comparisons and explanation building techniques to analyze data. The following report primarily explains the thought process that led to the research decision, a description of the process itself is then presented, followed by an illustration and discussion of the results obtained and finally, a note of reflection on the entire experience.