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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Indian Science Research Platform

Dedicated Indian Science Research Platform? Is there need to find other funding sources rather relying on Governments & Institutions? 


Pratik Khandagale

Is there need for having single dedicated platform for Indian Research?
I believe that most of research opportunities in India are missed due to lack of proper Guidance & most importantly funding. There are literally thousands of Brilliant students in India, who can literally dominate the world if proper access to basic amenities are provided to them for research.This are not my words but recent turnarounds proves it.
Recently I came across news of some guy in Nagpur. He had developed a sole for our footwear which can generate electricity enough for recharging your iPods, Cell Phones, etc. It was good to knew & he done it on his own resources and funding. But important part is the cognizance of his sole was taken by big corporate houses like Adidas,Reebok to use that type of soles in their products. But that guy done another great thing, he setup his own manufacturing plant for those soles & is about to start to sell that thing to those soles to the companies! He could have sold that patent & had glorious life but he took on Entrepreneurship & not only make good of his own but also generating employment in the region. Now, this is something to think on!
Well, now we might assume that guy might have good financial background so he must have taken that step. Yes, right but here we are talking for people who have researched something new not even having access to those hi-tech laboratories. Many farmers have developed their own variety of Rice,Mangoes,Flowers,etc..The list is very very big. But pathetically they all are unexplored & not given proper attention. Same situation applies to students learning in different parts of India.Literally until today I was unknown to this awesome forum & sites like incentive! This should be changed.
I recommend all of you a book by Dr.Raghunath Mashelkar “Reinventing India”. I heard him this January in Pune & was immensely inspired to do something to connect all those unexplored talent to the platform where they can get proper guidance,funding & all basics in order to start with their research project.Recently I started a forum named IndiaScienceForum to initiate a step in this direction. Well, I came to this site accidentally while performing SEO for newly launched site at 14 June. The forum is still at its basic level but I hope that it will fly with those bright Minds of students seeking proper guidance from already settled research guys. Here are my replies to Govind’s thread for uniting all Indian scientist round the world Read it here
Please provide with your valuable suggestions & advice to make this forum a primary resource point.
Your help is much appreciated & as well as if any one is interested in moderator ship of this forum,You are welcome.
Thank you!