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Monday, 17 September 2012

What is NOAA Research?

NOAA Research is the research arm of NOAA and is a government leader in environmental science. NOAA scientists study weather and air quality, climate, and ocean and coastal resources. NOAA researchers work to better understand the Earth’s environment in traditional laboratories, aboard ships, from planes and satellites, and beneath the sea in the world’s only undersea habitat. Our tools are as high-tech as supercomputers or as basic as rain gauges.
Universities are important partners with NOAA Research. Together, they carry out environmental research that includes aquaculture, water pollution, severe weather, climate variability and change, and coastal resources.
With its diverse research "tool kit" and top quality scientists, NOAA Research provides national and international leadership on critical environmental issues. For example, NOAA scientists played a key role in understanding the cause of the Antarctic ozone hole and continue long-term monitoring, modeling and analysis needed by U.S. and international policy makers who face decisions associated with the recovery of the ozone layer.
In short, NOAA Research helps to save lives and makes valuable contributions to the health, economy, and policy decisions of the U.S.