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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Presentation of Research Work

Things to Remember When Starting A Presentation
• Start with something to get your audience’s attention.
• Tell your audience what your argument will be.
• Tell your audience how you are going to develop that
Presentation Outline
Writing a Research Report
  • Getting started and planning
  • Sections of a typical report
  • Presentation of text, maps, and illustrations
  • Referencing
Presenting Your Research
  • Strategies for presentation
  • Designing visuals for your presentation
Writing a Research Report:
Getting Started
• Your Report Should
   – Report on the research project
   – Use research findings to develop some conclusions
   – Develop an argument about your findings
Writing a Research Report:
Getting Started
• Questions your report should address
  –  What was the research problem?
  – Why is this problem important?
  – How does the project fit into the context of other research?
  – How did you investigate the research problem?
  – What are your findings?
  – What do these findings tell you?
  – What do you conclude?