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Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Evolution Revolution for research

Discover the extraordinary story of Charles Darwin in Darwin: 

The Evolution Revolution, the most comprehensive  exhibition ever mounted on the man whose revolutionary theory changed the world. This extraordinary exhibition traces  Darwin’s life from his early years of curious observation and scientific study to his uninspired days at boarding school.  Relive his five-year voyage aboard the HMS Beagle that brought him to the Galapagos Islands, and discover some of  the unique animals he encountered, including African spur-thighed tortoises, an iguana and live frogs. Walk through his historic study where he developed his ground-breaking Theory of Evolution. Intimate letters, photographs and personal artifacts give insight into aspects of Darwin’s life that are rarely seen. Discover why it took so long for Darwin to publish his findings, and how his daughter’s untimely death in 1851 may have contributed to his decision to eventually publish On The Origin of Species.Interactive media and videos help bring Darwin and his ideas to life, and contemporary scientists explain how Darwin’s  theories have held their relevance in so many areas of modern biology and science.

Exhibition Highlights 
Discover the most in-depth exhibition about Charles Darwin ever mounted. Begin by entering Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall and come face-to-face with live African spur-thighed tortoises, similar to those that Darwin observed while in the Galapágos Islands. From there, continue on to discover nine thematic areas of interest:

Who was Charles Darwin? Learn about his character, his passions and his neverending desire to examine the world around him.Highlight: Darwin’s original magnifying glass, exemplifying the simple tools and approaches that he used during his  career.

Uncover what society was like in the 18th century. Natural scientists, and most of England, were aligned to the Church creationist position. Advanced thinkers of the 18th century speculated about evolution but did not understand how it likely may have worked.