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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Children are sponges

Technology has evolved since the last generation. Children are encouraged to do internet research on their own using credible sources because they get a better understanding and detailed information on any given topic. When they understand the search tools and engines they will be able to gain knowledge on anything they want or need. Children today are fast evolving and are smarter than children of the same age in the last generation. I believe the internet is the cause of this. 

Kids learn more with the Internet, so we become smarter.

While people tend to use technology as a crutch, it does not mean that they are any less smart. If one were to space out in class, he could rely on the Internet for a crash course on algebra. Otherwise, that same kid would've failed his test and not learned the material. If anything, the vast amount of information stored online can help people learn more. The Webs easy access helps us share ideas and concepts that would otherwise be unknown. As the Internet may reduce the amount of thinking we need to do, it doesn't take away our ability to think. The instant answers that Google spits out may make us lazy and impatient, but extra knowledge can only make us smarter - not any dumber.