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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Artistic inclinations a healthy expression of imagination

I consider artistic inclinations a healthy expression of imagination. I give here a few 
quotes so that everyone may judge the reasons upon which I have based my conclusion that this aptitude was present. The quotes are taken from the biographies in question:


 “Itwas towards the end of his stay atGranthamthat, besides a marked success in painting, he developed a remarkable poetic talent. Several productions from that time are carefully preserved by connoisseurs.”

“He was essentially a poet, and his great delight was to wander in the Jardin du Roi, observing nature, not as a physical philosopher,but as a poet. Though his understanding was strong, his imagination was stronger.”

“I found, among his papers, two stanzas of an epic poem entitled The Creation of France or la Thémelie and two completed tragedies, one concerns the capture ofUtica and the death of CATON, the other,which is entitled, ‘Elektra’,recounts the horrible vicissitudes of the house of Atreus. Beautiful verse and interesting
situations, etc.”

4. LALANDE (YOUNG. Works): “His earliest taste seems to have been for romantic
tales, and he was fond ofmaking little stories with the materials that he possessed, but their subjects were chiefly religious. Having been sent to Lyon, to continue his studies under the Jesuits there, he acquired a taste for poetry and eloquence, and was then inclined to devote himself to literature and to the bar; but an eclipse of the sun recalled his attention to astronomy.