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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Convention use in research paper to make it effective.

Some conventions appear periodically throughout the text to provide insight into important aspects.These conventions with their meanings are:

  • Highlights the interesting points.
  • Indicates some typical queries, which might arise in the mind of readers.
  • Offer a glance at the key points of the topic where the text is lengthy, or when a comparative study is to carried out.
  • Some different sets of solved problems suppose a name "explore more".
  • Notabilia should be used.

Note : Notabilia is an old English word which means "things worthy of notice". When we start writing the research paper we thought of putting some additional and important information under the head of 'info box". However it was creditable on the part of our editor to come up with a word that was not only catchy but also went along completely and exactly with the contents. We overwhelmingly accept this beautiful change.