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Sunday, 9 September 2012

conceptual thinking for research

The notion of the conceptual framework is presented differently by different authors.
However, most authors use the term to describe a specific function and set of relationships
within the research process. This approach locates the conceptual framework as fulfilling an
integrating function between theories that offer explanations of the issues under investigation.
Conceptual frameworks also provide a scaffold within which strategies for the research design
can be determined, and fieldwork can be undertaken. Finally, this approach offers the potential
for conceptual frameworks to shape how research conclusions are presented by emphasising
the conceptualisation of those conclusions within their respective theoretical context. This
view of the conceptual framework locates it as giving coherence to the research act through
providing traceable connections between theoretical perspectives, research strategy and
design, fieldwork and the conceptual significance of the evidence. Thus, the conceptual
framework is a bridge between paradigms which explain the research issue and the practice of
investigating that issue.