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Monday, 11 February 2013

The Future of Scientific Research in India

The Future of Scientific Research in India.......

India is leading in many areas and evolving in others. However, most funding comes from public sources, and many times, it is limited. This area has to evolve, and more private funding is to be encouraged so India can compete with other countries like China. Industrial research and development competitiveness must be encouraged more, as most of the effort goes into the field of space, defense, oceanography, and atomic energy. However, India is strong in Software technology and computer science.
The lack of attractive salaries compared to the private sector has created a void in the education and research sectors. However, it is a matter of money and not quality of talent. Indian minds are among the brightest and skilled, and many students from the ITT's are highly sought by European and American universities.
India has to its advantage the willingness to work with other countries in research and science development and lend its talents to the project. Controversy about India not producing enough PhD's in the science arena is one that have been going on recently. If India wants to continue to prosper in this area, something must be done in respect. It is the opinion of Professor CNR Rao - a leading Indian scientist - that if India wants to keep and surpass its place in the scientific world, it must contribute more in that area, as right now it is not producing enough professionals to compete. This is viewed as one of the biggest obstacles for India. India is not producing the required number to meet the demand of the students in universities and colleges. The debate continues about the need to focus more in the basic sciences, open-ended research, and less in targeted research. Politics is said to be blamed, wrong allocating of efforts and funding, and lack of private funding as well.